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The New Contract with America

The New Contract with America reflects the hope of what America can be for our generation and the future. Part of the resolution deals with cutting wasteful expenditure. Part delineates simple solutions to preserve Americans' rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Annette Watson plans to work with Madison Cawthorn to pass The New Contract with America.

Even so, I remind him of his point 15: “one subject matter per one bill.” I think each of his items should be moved through Congress in this manner.

Concerning point 13, I have thought about the idea of term limits for members of the House and Senate. The Constitution does not impose term limits. I can see that a “gut reaction” to a longstanding Politician that stands in disagreement with you would be to provide yourself a way to de-throne his rule. But the people voted him into office did not change. They will most likely return to the same type of leader as in the past. Perhaps, the removed Politician can move districts or states in order to continue to fulfill his desire to serve the American people. I think if term limits were imposed on the House and Senate, the best place to discuss that may be within each state to make laws for its own state. Allowing the people to vote whomever they will into office reflects the best republic and reflects the thoughts of the Founding Fathers.

In point 6, Madison needs to improve his thought process on demanding “compensation from Communist China” for the Covid-19 virus that the CCP did not prevent from spreading around the world. I would love to talk with Madison to hear how his thought process deals with the Covid-19's unapproved gain-of-function funding, specifically questioning him on NIAID’s 2014 grant to EcoHealth Alliance.

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Annette Watson

"I align with Congressman Madison Cawthorn (NC), who has outlined a House Resolution on government spending, economy, government reform, health care, education, culture and family unit, energy and environment, immigration, technical innovation, and defense and veterans."

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