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Annette Watson for Congress

Assembly Hall

Annette Watson

“I have mostly been involved in volunteering to help others in my community. But the events of the past few years have opened my eyes to a larger area of need: my Country. American politics and politicians seem intent on bending the narrative to meet their goals without valuing the people’s rights. The people need a voice in Congress that will protect their God-given and Constitutional rights. I value integrity. So, when I say I want to keep open dialogue in the public forum, uphold firearm possession, lower federal budget, increase American manufacturing, open pipelines, secure election veracity, and protect Americans against international threats, such as China, I plan to do it.”

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Promote Manufacturing and Entrepreneurs

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Protect Against Totalitarianism

Minnesota District 7

Using the US Constitution as a framework for limited government, Annette Watson plans to represent Minnesota's District 7 in its freedom of speech, education, and security. Annette's goal is to promote business building in America and to protect Americans against the threats of totalitarian governments.

Image by Joshua Sukoff

Contact Annette Watson

PO Box 483 | Morris, MN 56267

Leave a Message | 320-287-0348

Image by Diana Polekhina
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