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The Issues At Hand

Since 1776, America’s greatness has stemmed for her freedom, justice, and Judeo-Christian heritage.
I believe that those in Washington DC must continue to pursue the historical meaning of the Constitution, teach the patriotic history of America, and defend each American’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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American Prosperity

To continue to achieve American prosperity and to guard against foreign threats, America needs to encourage local business building. Also, America needs to source its medications from American manufacturing sites. America needs to return to its energy independence and its status as a net energy exporter.

American Education

Like movements in Indiana and Florida, I believe parents should have a right to say what curriculum is used in their school systems. Parents have the right to instill values in their own children. This also means that parents have the right to homeschool, if they so choose; this homeschooling freedom should and must be protected. On a federal level, removing the Department of Education paves the way for the parents’ rights of school and curriculum choice.

American Freedom of Speech

According to the First Amendment, Americans have free exercise of speech. Places that facilitate the public square of discourse must function in accordance with this right of speech. In agreement with Daniel A. Horwitz, federal SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) suits that erroneously sue over protected First Amendment speech must always shift the vindicated defendant's case fees to the plaintiff.

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America Among the Nations

America should continue to be the world leader on land, air, sea, space, and cyber security. To do this, America must continue to have a robust military with advanced weapons, a strong economy capable of supporting itself, and a strategy to defend itself against nations who promote totalitarianism. For countries vying to influence America by use of soft power tactics, I embrace the attitude of reciprocity between our nations; for example, if a certain country plans to influence our college students by setting up activities to teach the students about their country, then that country must also allow the US to enter their colleges and influence their students concerning America and her values.

American Firearms

Every American who legally can own a firearm has a right to do so. I believe the phrase “shall not be infringed” excludes the US government from having access to a national database of gun ownership (H. R. 6945). In agreement with Congressman Chip Roy (TX)’s No Backdoor Gun Control Act, the National Firearms Act of 1934 needs to be amended (or removed) in order to prevent the banning of firearms and/or vilifying law-abiding gun owners.

American Law and Order

Those who serve our communities by enforcing and upholding the law are fulfilling the necessary function of ensuring each American’s access to the American dream.

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American Border Security

I heartily support the US Customs and Border Control Agency. The security of America and the American way of life depends on the regulation of our borders. The completion of the Wall along America’s southern border is necessary for preserving economic stability.

American Life at Conception

I believe that all life is created by God. Life begins at conception. America’s forefathers acknowledged the God-given right to life. In short, both mother and unborn child have a right to life. The Texas Heartbeat Act (2021) is a good starting model for other states to follow. However, after the Supreme Court decision to overrule Roe and Casey, I urge Minnesotan politicians to ban abortion completely. If the mother's life is in jeopardy, a C-section can remove the child and give that child a chance for life.

American Mandates Abolished

I support the work of Defeat the Mandates. This bi-partisan group calls for the removal of Emergency Powers throughout the US. Hereby, American citizens will have freedom in medicine for personal choice, for non-corporate interference, and for access to scientific debate.

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Against the Green New Deal

This proposed 10-year legislation sounds like America is interested in reducing carbon emissions for the purpose of saving the planet earth. However, the Green New Deal plans to use the means of the banking system to control Americans. I believe this bill will economically devastate the American people and slow the progress of lowering carbon emissions. This would also involve us withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, for the same reasons.

Promote Manufacturing and Entrepreneurs

One example of infrastructure needing to be sourced from and made in the United States is pharmaceuticals. When facing supply chain issues due to pandemics, wars, or trade agreements, American citizens--or hospitals--should not be fearful of losing access to needed, live saving medications. Congress needs to encourage bringing all critical infrastructure back to America--or at least the Americas--in order to ensure our supply chain is stable during unstable times.

Protect Against Totalitarianism

One example of totalitarianism is the curriculum and activism inside America's public schools; these Marxist actions resemble the Chinese Cultural Revolution. This Marxist education must be stopped. No federal finances should be given to systems that promote the revolution of elites over "We the People." History must reflect the truth. Yes, American history must reflect the truth, reject the lies, embrace the unity of American identity, and encourage the American Dream based on character and work ethic.


Promoting Election Integrity

This issue is bipartisan. To retain our republic, we must acknowledge the fraudulent activities that occurred in the 2020 presidential election. Dinesh D'Sousa produced the film 2000 Mules, which reveals the video footage from the US government. D'Sousa and True the Vote reveal unlawful actions in specific areas that used mail-in-voting. Also, thanks to Mike Lindell who had a Cyber Symposium in August 2021, which showed the raw data of foreign interference in the 2020 presidential election, and the Election Summit in August 2023, which detailed a four-fold election integrity plan. Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, and many others have used the tools at their disposal to encourage justice, truth, and transparency in our election system. I will also do all I can to promote election integrity. But, the Constitution points out that election rules are controlled by each State. Hence, my primary goal would be to support those in my state of Minnesota, as they seek a secure method of voting. I am pro-paper voting. Also, I am pro-electronic voting as long as a secure system of monitoring is available to the people; however, I am not sure that electronic voting is capable of achieving security. The March 2024 US Supreme Court case will further my understanding of electronics used in elections. For an example of secure voting, the Lindell Offense Fund produced a plan to provide real time election oversight and monitoring available at Lindell Offense Fund

I support the efforts of Project Minnesota. Project Minnesota follows Minnesotan efforts in election reform and provides the grassroots with tools to influence local election reform.

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