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Join with Annette Watson

Thank you for supporting Annette Watson in her run for Congress, representing Minnesota's District 7.

Annette is not afraid to say what she believes and back her positions with action. 

Annette ran against Michelle Fischbach for the MNGOP 2022 endorsement. After multiple votes, Annette received 94 votes,

while Michelle received 254 votes. With 355 delegates counted in the role, the math reveals that within a few short months,

Annette had 26.4% of the District 7 vote. Then, in 2024, Annette ran again for the Republican US House endorsement. In that three person race, no one received the official endorsement by the end of the District 7 convention because no candidate was able to acquire the mandatory 60% of the vote. On the first vote of 2024, Annette had exactly 10% support of the delegates. This means she was automatically removed from the 2024 endorsement process because of the 10% rule.


Because she wants to win the culture war inside the US and to push back against the unrestricted warfare of China, Annette Watson will continue to be that active voice of America First for the people of Minnesota.

Due to PayPal's policy changes and to protect against cancel culture,

this campaign has chosen to collect online funds through WinRed.

Feel free to mail a check to "Annette Watson for Congress" to Annette Watson for Congress, PO Box 483, Morris, MN 56267.

To comply with Federal law, we must use our best efforts to obtain, maintain and submit the name,

mailing address, occupation and name of employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 per election cycle.

Per FEC guidelines, contribution max for an individual per election cycle is $3,300.

Political donations are not tax deductible.

Contact Annette Watson

PO Box 483 | Morris, MN 56267

Leave a Message | 320-287-0348

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