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Annette Watson has always lived in the Midwest. Annette spent her childhood in Ankeny, IA, and Beecher, WI. But Minnesota is her home. She has lived in Minnesota with her family since 2005. In 2018, Annette moved to Morris, MN, where she currently resides.

Annette grew up in a Christian home and attended Faith Baptist School in Beecher, WI. She accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior as a child.

During college at Northland International University, Annette met her future husband, Christopher Watson. Both studied Biblical Languages as their major. 


They married in 2005 and started training at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Plymouth, MN, where Annette received her Master of Arts in Biblical Theology in 2008 and her Master of Divinity in 2011. Annette has used her biblical knowledge to support the women and children in her church and community.


God added to their family five children: Elsie, Edmund, Hans, Gunder, and Vivian. Annette has used her abilities to volunteer at pregnancy crisis centers, to teach children to read in the public schools through MN Reading Corps, to serve in her local church, to instruct Chinese students to speak English, and to homeschool her young children.

Now Annette plans to represent her larger community by serving as a Republican Congresswoman for Minnesota's District 7.

American Greatness

Annette Watson is proud to be an American and proud to be a part of the Nation where American Patriots have come before to secure America's greatness and goodness. The United States has been the beacon of freedom to the world, which has attracted individuals from all places to come to America and claim her as their home. Yes, America offers its people freedom to achieve their economic dreams, while securing their civil liberties.

 In Congress, Annette plans represent the desires of Minnesota CD7, namely, to keep the American dream alive by stopping the flow of illegal migrants over American borders, promoting fiscal responsibility and economic stability, bringing industries and jobs back to America, finding ways to protect America's farmland for the American farmer, building America's military strength at home, rejecting participation in the Ukraine war, safeguarding America and Americans against international threats, vindicating the belief of America First, and holding accountable those who abuse the law while in political power.

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“I came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as a young child. This act of grace upon my life has shaped me into the person I am today.”

Annette Watson

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