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Protecting the American Dream

These posts are for the benefit of the voter and for the local BPOU's (Basic Political Organization Unit). They represent the message of Annette Watson and her thoughts for aiding Minnesotans and Americans at large.

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and Campaign Promises

This PDF handout is available for you to print and distribute without correction. The content provides the viewer with knowledge on how Annette Watson plans to vote and to legislate for the American people. 


for Watson Support

For ease of management, the Annette Watson campaign has partnered with WinRed and their print-on-demand services for political merchandise. The storefront includes campaign signage and t-shirts.

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Nomination Form

Before being allowed to run for US House, Congressional District 7 requires the potential candidate to collect 25 signatures of delegates going to Morton, MN, for the district convention. The signatures must also represent at least 5 different senate districts. If you are inclined to hear Annette speak at Morton and inclined to vote for her the first time through, please view the attached nomination form. Contact Annette at for instructions on signing it and returning it to the campaign. Thanks!

Message for

CD7's Morton Delegates

To get to Morton, MN, Annette Watson needs  your help.

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